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Email digest of all things spatial, remote sensing, and GIS

Email digest of all things spatial, remote sensing, and GIS

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Spatial Reader - Issue #13

Hello again! In this issue, we have a whole bunch of interesting applications of GIS, from abstract analysis, to new tools, to mainstream news. I personally loved the article about spatial indexing and have already put to use Projestions - the tool linked bel…


Spatial Reader - Issue #12

Other GIS News items:Crowdsourced Space Archaeology. Yes, you read that correctly. It's a thing.The Internet Archive has free viewing of an old US Air Force Documentary describing methods for mapping and surveying the world.Forbes took a look at how GIS is us…


Spatial Reader - Issue #11

For those of us in the United States, this election will be talked about, and mapped, for a long time. The geography of U.S. politics is subject to cartographic distortion - that is, the decisions of the mapmaker can dramatically change how our electoral maps…


Spatial Reader - Issue #10

Welcome to (almost) November and issue #10 of Spatial Reader (is that a milestone?)! I'm excited about this issue - from the great uses of geography in news articles, to the remote sensing tools and cartographic techniques, and all the way through to the tuto…


Spatial Reader - Issue #9

I've been gathering together all the pieces of my final course in the Coursera specialization on GIS and now they're all submitted and the course should go live in a few days. In the process of building it, I put together a few resources for data and news, wh…


Spatial Reader - Issue #8

Hi there, welcome to the official start of fall (or spring for those of you on the other half of the planet). I have a short reader for you today, on account of focusing on some other work over the past month, but still a few items of interest! I personally e…


Spatial Reader - Issue #7

Hello again - once again I'm delayed from the approximately 2 week schedule (and I will be again next time), but I think it was worth it. The extra time let me accumulate a few more items for this newsletter to make it more worthwhile. I think this newsletter…


Spatial Reader - Issue #6

Hi everyone! It's going to be a short newsletter week, but I wanted to make sure to send it out since I missed last week - but there's still some good stuff in here to help you better understand coordinate systems (I can hear you shuddering already), troubles…


Spatial Reader - Issue #5

Hi everyone - I had to take a week off in order to 1) Make sure I did my actual job and 2) Finish the fourth course in the Coursera specialization in GIS (linked below). This week, we have a few more stories of how GIS is being used to plan the world around u…


Spatial Reader - Issue #4

Hello everyone! It's software update week, with major updates to both ArcGIS Pro and QGIS. Changelogs are linked below for you to explore the new features. It's also learning week, apparently, since half the links in this newsletter focus on sites and books t…


Spatial Reader - Issue #3

I've been putting together lectures on remote sensing for the fourth Coursera GIS course this week, and apparently it means this newsletter is a little focused on remote sensing and satellite imagery. Did you know that the European Space Agency can detect mil…


Spatial Reader - Issue #2

This week is a bit heavier on the tools and data side - that's apparently where my focus was! Still, there's some news and fun stuff to interest everyone. I'll be out next week, so I might not send out a newsletter. See you soon.


Spatial Reader #1

I'll highlight wikipedia articles relevant to GIS that you can use to get a more full picture of technologies and topics you might be familiar with.