Spatial Reader - Issue #7

Hello again - once again I'm delayed from the approximately 2 week schedule (and I will be again next

Spatial Reader

August 25 · Issue #7 · View online
Email digest of all things spatial, remote sensing, and GIS

Hello again - once again I’m delayed from the approximately 2 week schedule (and I will be again next time), but I think it was worth it. The extra time let me accumulate a few more items for this newsletter to make it more worthwhile. I think this newsletter is packed with goodness this time, but if you’re in a rush and just want to learn cool new things, don’t miss the first item from the 99% Invisible Podcast or the Ship Map. Enjoy!

In the News
America's Last Top Model - 99% Invisible
Map of Baton Rouge Flooding as of August 14th, 2016
Automating the Detection of Landslides
Data Repositories and Visualizations | Visualisation of Global Cargo Ships | By Kiln and UCL
Remote Sensing
EOS Landsat Viewer
ObservedEarth for iOS
Learn Something New
Introduction to PostGIS
KISS: spatialite in 5 minutes
RQGIS 0.1.0 release | jannesm
Fun and Games
Generating fantasy maps
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